Why it’s okay to take a break

I took a break and now I’m stronger thanks to that break.


The Quiet Girl Diaries - Why It's OK to take a Break

This by far the most vulnerable blog that I’ve ever written. By the end of 2016, I was enthusiastic about my blog, planning my year ahead and proudly posting it for everyone to see. One of my top priorities on my 2017 plan was to grow my blog, start my business, write more and do lots of great things. So, taking a break was not on my to-do list.

I had daydreams about publishing two short stories that I’ve written and to write a book about the three plus years I spent living in Haiti. I  was also determined to start my online business (besides this blog, of course). Then, everything just stopped.

I became unmotivated, uninspired and very depressed. I let things that happened in the past come back to haunt me and drag me down. This lasted for much more than I wish it did. Thankfully, slowly but surely, I started to get myself out of the funk I was in. I’m not where I want in life, but I’m doing better and I see such a bright future ahead of me.

How did I get out of the depression funk? you might ask.  First, I started seeing a therapist once a week. I used to feel ashamed and wouldn’t tell anyone when I went to therapy in the past, but now I realize how foolish of me. No one should feel ashamed for being strong enough to admit that they need help. It’s been about 10 weeks (as of publishing this article) and my therapist and I decided we’d do 12 weeks; because we’re not meant to be in therapy forever.

Secondly, I started going to a grief and loss support group. I lost my mother unexpectedly in 2015 and I believed that I was moving on just fine. Yeah, I was hurt and sad, but I put on a brave face and took on the let go and let God attitude that everyone was telling me to. Needless to say, that attitude didn’t help me much.

The holidays began to come around and I realized that nothing will ever be the same again. This realization hit me hard and some days I didn’t want to live. However, since attending the support group,  I realize that my mother will always be a part of my life and that our relationship can continue to grow and evolve forever; just in a different way.

I decided that instead of beating myself up over the unexpected break I took these past few months, I will focus on the positives and all the things that I did do.


With that in mind, below I created a list of my top five reasons why it’s perfectly okay to take a break from everything and focus on getting better:

Time to reflect

When you take a break from life, work or whatever else, you free up a lot of time for reflection. Reflecting and highlighting your past successes and accomplishments will give you a better perspective on where you are now and want to go in the future.

Time to plan

As you reflect on your life, also take the opportunity to make plans for your future. Whether it is a five-year plan, one year from now, or a step-by-step plan for the next month or so, you’ll be glad that you took a break to do just that.

Taking care of yourself:

It’s OK to take some time to take care of yourself. This can mean getting a pedicure, amplifying your exercise routine and even exploring a new cuisine. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.

Get some good rest

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you might just need to take a break to rest. Everyone feels and run better when we’re not tired and stressed-free.

Recharge and prioritize

Taking a break also gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and be full of energy to handle whatever life throws at you. On top of that, you also get a chance to get your priorities in order so that you can conquer the world.


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The Quiet Girl Diaries - Why It's OK to take a Break



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