What’s an Introvert to do on New Year’s Eve?

 New Year’s Eve is an exciting time for most people. There are countless parties and events to attend, fireworks, and drunk people everywhere.

If you’re an introvert, New Year’s Eve is something you dread because you avoid large crowds and interacting with a bunch of strangers. To help you survive this New Year’s Eve, here are a few fun and easy ideas of things to do.


What's and Introvert to do on New Years Eve - The Quiet Girl Diaries


1. Completely forget you’re an introvert and come out of your shell!

Why not put aside all of your fears and timidness once a year and just go wild like everybody else on New Year’s Eve? Go to a crazy party you’re invited to or go to a hot club with a few friends. I know that it’s not easy if you’re an introvert, but remember that everybody will only be trying to have a good time. Everyone will be celebrating and focusing on getting drunk,  so if your fear is that others will be judging you or think that you’re acting weird, they are probably not even going to remember what happen last night the next day.

2. Host your own mini-party.

You can also opt to host your own house party and invite only the people to want. So, if it’s only two or three people you feel comfortable with, invite them for a low-key night in and include fun activities like board games, great music and plenty of food.

3.  Find a hidden treasure near you.

If you still want to get out of your house but don’t want to go near the large crowds, research your town and find out where are the hidden treasure in your area. You’d be surprised to find local bars and restaurants, some mom and pop style, that offer great vibes and the perfect number of people who will be open for New Year’s Eve.

4. Make new years resolutions.

If New Year’s Eve comes around and you still haven’t worked on your goals for 2017, that’s OK. Get out a pen and notebook and write all the things you will do in 2017. Planning out your new year will get you excited about them making you more likely to accomplishing more of your goals in the coming year.


I hope this short list helps you with a few ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve if you’re still undecided.

Whatever you choose to do on New Year’s Eve, whether you’re an introvert or not, remember that if you’re able to see and celebrate the New Year’s Eve is a blessing.

I hope that 2017 will be good to you and all of your wishes come true!






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