Free Printable Goals Checklist

Can you believe it’s already six months into the year? I can’t believe it either! Now is the perfect time to prioritize our goals.

I remember when I made my goals for 2017, I was enthusiastic about the upcoming year.  After all, A new year symbolizes new beginnings and a chance to accomplish the things I did not last year. However, as

However, as I’ve learned, in life things happen almost on a daily basis that can distract us, set up back and keep us from achieving our goals.

The important thing is to stay focused and not let the setbacks keep us from moving forward. People who end up accomplishing their goals never let a failure or fear get in their way; but when they don’t reach a goal, they moved on to the next big one.

I say all that to remind you that goals change, and that’s Okay, because as we grow and learn it wouldn’t be progress if our goals didn’t change with us.

So, submit the form at the end of this page to download your Free Printable Goals Checklist

This list is divided into three categories:

Long-term, to accomplish within six months or more.

short-term, to accomplish within two weeks to 30 days.

Must-be-Done, these are your urgent tasks that you need to get to right away.

Think about your long-term goals and list them first, and they write down the short-term tasks that are going towards accomplishing your big picture goals. Your “Must-be-Done” list are things that cannot wait and should be accomplished within a day or so.

I really hope that this free checklist helps you stay on track and on top of your game for the remainder of 2017!

Let me know if this helps.



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