Introverts Rule!

Are you an introvert? Good! Because I am, and I love it!

 I have also been a shy girl one my whole life. It’s who I am, and it’s not going to change. I have spent way too much time being somebody that I am not.


Thankfully, that has changed, and I am ready to embrace life as a woman who has found her way and is willing to help others who might be trying to find their voice by sharing my experiences and opening up a platform for discussion.


It has taken me a long time to find the courage and the freedom to show who I am. The best part is, there is no turning back now.






My Story

My name is Judith. I studied journalism at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.

I know what you are thinking, unusual career choice for an introvert?20140115_190623

Well, you’re right. I chose journalism because I love to write.

I didn’t think that I was good at writing fiction. However, my choice of storytelling, which is by observing, investigating and recollecting, has always been my comfort zone. And that’s what journalists do.

Occasionally I like to write poetry, which is who I found my favorite author, Flannery O’Connor.

O’Connor is not a poet, but she is a great storyteller. O’Connor is the first author that I ever read and thought, I can do this! I am a writer, and someday I will be a published author/storyteller just like her.

I was born in Haiti and raised in Chicago from the age of 11 years old.  I graduated from Roosevelt in 2012 and immediately moved to Haiti for three years. As you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot in Haiti, and there are lots of stories that I want to tell.

I have also lived in Florida and spent a brief two and a half months in Paris with my beautiful grandmother. You can read about it here.

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I recently turned 30! and I am supposed to be wiser now. I was also told that I need to hurry up and have some babies because my clock is ticking, but I am not worried.

If you want, we can share this journey together and let the world know who we are!

Happy sharing, Happy reading and happy being you 🙂